Akshay Kumar Opens Up About Being Molested As A Child Miss malini.com, july 28, 2017

It takes great courage to speak about incidents that have the ability to scar you for life, especially in public, but Akshay Kumar did just that. The actor revealed that he was molested as a child, in order to raise awareness about the importance of communication when it comes to cases of sexual assault. At an international conference on Human Trafficking, he shared his experience –

Let me share my own experience with you all here. When I was a very young kid, a lift-man once touched me inappropriately. Since I had good communication with my parents, I told them about this incident. Later, the same person was caught in another case and was found to be a habitual offender. Parents and children must have a free interaction so that such offenders are identified immediately.

More power to you Akshay, in a country where cases of sexual abuse are so rampant, but brushed aside, it’s heartening to see a public figure talk about it on a public platform.